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About Us

Voted Best Pet Groomer!

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Von Barkee's Dog
Spa & Bakery

Our experienced staff uses gentle and compassionate handling practices so your pet is able to relax and enjoy their grooming experience.

We are one of the areas only AKC S.A.F.E certified salons! 

Each of our groomers is a certified AKC S.A.F.E groomer and committed the safety and well being of your pet. 

Each of our staff is Pet CPR/First aid certified and follow strict safety guidelines and NEVER use heated cage dryers!

At Von Barkee’s, we firmly believe in creating a workplace and community that celebrates and embraces the rich diversity of all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, race, or religion. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that respects and values the unique experiences, perspectives, and contributions of everyone.



Von Barkee's Dog Spa Best Dog Groomer
Best Dog Groomer
Best Dog Groomer
Best Dog Groomer
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Dog Grooming

Community's Preferred
Pet Care

Our goal, is for your pet to LOVE coming to the dog spa and for you to feel comfortable and confident, that we will look after your pet while they are in our care. 

We also offer cage free options, specialized spa treatments, creative grooming services and have groomers that are highly trained in all breeds, so you can rest assured that your pet will be looking and feeling it's very best!

We love what we do and are truly honored to care for the pets in our community!

Getting to Know Von Barkees

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Vaccinations & Exceptions

On top of being up to date on distemper, parvo, bordetella, and rabies, we do require that our clients be up to date on regular flea prevention. We do not accept pets into our facility with flea infestation. We educate on treating the environment and refer to a vet for proper flea medication since a flea bath alone will not fix the issue. We do take pets that have been exempt from some required vaccines by their vet with proof.


Our Safety Regulations & Practices

We have strict safety protocols in place for the pets in our care. Along with our extensive safety practices, all of our staff are CPR First Aid certified, and our groomers have completed AKC SAFE salon certifications, with our managers having gone through the course as well. Our facility is an 
AKC SAFE Certified Salon.


Along with our quick-release grooming loops, we also use specialized belly bands to help support a pet's hind quarters and prevent them from being able to step off a table and potentially injure themselves. These also provide extra support for pets with hip issues. In addition, we also use "trach-savers" for pets that have trachea issues. 

Our salon only uses quality, pet-specific shampoos, and products. We do not use human shampoos, dish detergents, or harsh dips. We also do not use any products with essential oils on or near feline clients due to their toxicity.

We always use specialty tearless facial shampoo on faces and do our absolute best to avoid soap contact with eyes. We do understand that even tearless marketed shampoo can cause irritation once in the eye, and use “Eye-shield” drops on pets that are extremely wiggly during bath time as an extra measure to prevent a pet from shaking or splashing shampoo into its eyes.

No heated cage dryers are EVER used at our facility! If a pet does not tolerate being hand dried, we will allow them to air dry with a gentle fan comfortably. We also use “Happy Hoodies” to minimize noise from dryers and to help keep pets calm.


We have strict cleaning and disinfecting policies to keep tools and our facility free of harmful bacteria, parasites or contagious illnesses. 

We are dedicated to compassionate handling and the treatment of pets. We do our best to work through behavior and fear-based issues to create positive experiences.

Teamwork makes the dream work! At our facility, we work collaboratively; not only does this help prevent burnout and injuries for our staff, but that also means more eyes are on each dog, and we are less likely to miss something important like a health issue or abnormal behavior for a 
long-time client.

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