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  • Do you express anal glands?
    We do express glands externally if the pet owner requests. If your pet has issues with their glands, has had previous impactions or is a larger dog, we recommend having your vet express them internally. We cannot always fully empty glands externally.
  • Does your salon perform ear plucking?
    We perform ear plucking on dogs with dense ear hair and follow with a gentle ear cleaner afterward. This is done on a case by case basis and we suggest following your vets preference on this. Not all dogs need ear plucking. If there is excessive debris, redness, odor, or discomfort, we refer clients to a vet if ears look abnormal. If a pet protests to the point of concern during plucking, we will never force the issue and refer them to visit their vet for future plucking.
  • Do you trim nails?
    Yes, of course! We dremel and trim nails, and we recommend that nail trimming is done every 2-3 weeks when pets are not filing down their nails with normal activities. This is always included in our bath and grooming services unless we cannot safely perform a trim due to a pet’s behavior
  • Do you take aggressive dogs?
    Yes, and no. Ultimately the safety of a pet and of our staff comes first and foremost. If a pet reacts from fear, we will do our best and work slowly with whatever is best for them. Working at their pace is paramount to ensure both a good groom and a better experience for the pet. When the behavior is acting from a place of sheer aggression and becomes too much for our staff and the dog, we will refer the dog out to the vet for either a sedation groom or for something that may help with their anxieties.
  • Do you perform De-matting?
    Our Salon believes in humanity before vanity. We do our best to provide our clients with the services requested. However, we will not torture a pet with hours of de-matting to resolve coat neglect. Owners are ultimately responsible for home care between professional grooming, and if it’s more than an owner is able to keep up with, we suggest more frequent visits and/or shorter styles. We do our best to educate clients about brushing and home care, and we also offer a “brush and go” service for owners with high-maintenance coat types. We also carry a large selection of brushes, combs, and grooming products available and are happy to demonstrate brushing techniques. *Additional charges apply for any de-matting and de-tangling services when we are able to humanely perform them.
  • Are you licensed and insured?
    While there are no licensing requirements for pet groomers in North Carolina, our groomers have voluntarily gone through AKC’s S.A.F.E certification program, and our facility was approved/inspected and is a certified AKC. S.A.F.E Salon. In addition, all of our staff are canine and feline first aid and CPR certified. Our facility is fully insured and compliant with all state and local business requirements.
  • Where are you located?
    We have two locations. 2038 Carolina Beach Road, near Legion Stadium and Sunset Park. (Just 2 miles from Downtown) And 4724 New Centre Drive, Close to Target and across from Burlington Coat Factory and Petsmart.
  • Do you groom cats?
    Yes! We groom cats at our Carolina Beach road location! They must be current on Vaccines and be able to be groomed without sedation.
  • Do you groom all breeds?
    Yes! Large or small, we groom them all! We have several groomers that specialize in different breeds and types of grooming. In addition, we have groomers that offer hand stripping, cording and creative grooming as well. We do not have any breed restrictions.
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